Combinatie Calandtunnel







Description of the activities

Design, engineering, preparation and execution of floatation, transport, immersion and sandflow for the 6 tunnel elements of the Calandtunnel, after completion officialy named Tomassentunnel, in Rotterdam.

The Mayor Thomassentunnel, locally also known as Ferrari Tunnel because of its striking red color.

Specific information

The new crossing of the A15-motorway with the Caland Canal is realised by immersion of six tunnel elements. With this new tunnel ongoing traffic is no longer delayed due to opening of the existing Caland Bridge for shipping.

The six tunnel elements were built two by two in one of the Verolme Botlek ship docks in the Harbour of Rotterdam. After completion, the dock was flooded and the tunnel elements were floated at high tide. Then the elements were transported to the temporary mooring location in the 7th Petroleum Harbour, via the “Nieuwe Waterweg” towards “Hoek of Holland” and then back over the Caland Canal. The tunnel elements were moored until completion of all elements so they could be immersed one by one in a week cyclus.

Part of the tunnel elements were immersed in between strutted cofferdams. For these elements cross beams supported by the cofferdams and equipped with winches were used for the immersion. For the two tunnel elements crossing the canal a cross beam was used at one end and a sheerleg was used at the other end. After immersion the tunnel elements were supported on the previous element at the primary side and on two steel pins at the secondary side. Directly after, the sandflow process started to form the final foundation of the tunnel elements.

The final connection between the last two tunnel elements was made by placing closure joint panels and wedges in the space between them.


Type: Traffic tunnel with 2×3 carriage ways
Length of immersed section: 684 meters
Total amount of elements: 6
Element measurements:
– TE01 ~ TE06 (LxBxH) = 114 x 34,75 x 8,54m
Depth: 27 meters
Achieved placing tolerances:
– vertical: +/- 20 mm,
– horizontal: +/- 35 mm
Foundation: Sandflow

Peter van Westendorp

Directeur Strukton Immersion Projects

+31 (0)30 248 6911